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In stream Ads

In-stream Ads

In-stream Ads

These are the ads that play before, during or after your videos that help you earn some money. You can place ads in specific videos. These ads can be either skippable or non-skippable.
They are considered part of the content stream itself. They are created at the source of the content.
If you are running affiliate advertising with a sponsor then In-stream Ads are the best option. The sponsored brand will provide you with the advertising video, link and pay you the ad revenue.

Why Should You Choose In-stream Ads Services?

We need the best and most efficient tools for our online business to grow and generate revenue.
  • Gain mass visibility
  • Target customers based on keywords or phrases
  • Cost-effective
  • Garbs prospects attention as quickly as possible
SEO Company in Dehradun

Diverse In-stream Ads Services

Grow with the experts. RJ Coder will provide you with the services you need to grow your online business.

SEO Company in Dehradun
The URL can be a standard YouTube video. The video should be public and comply with the advertising policies and requirements of Google Ads.
For In-stream advertising, Facebook has set Brand Safety Controls. This gives brands the option to choose the type of content on which their ads will run.
Link Building
Instagram In-stream video ad feature allows us to place Ads into or around some of our content. It should comply with the Instagram Partner Monetization Policies, Instagram Content Monetization Policies and IG Creator Incentive Terms.

Benefits of In-stream Ads

Get started to make your brand visible to the masses and increase your followers on your social media account. This instead generates leads and sales and helps your business grow.
In-stream Ads
We don’t pay much attention to the ads or contents these days. In-stream ads force the customer to pay attention to their ad. For a brief time, they have to view the advertisement even if they click the skip icon.
You can decide if you want to force your customer to watch the whole ad or should be able to skip the ad after some time.
You can decide the keywords on which you want your advertisement to show up. You have to pay for the number of views you get and if some part of the ad is only played then you can cut down the price.
Office Hours
In-stream ads are pretty effective when used the right way. The ads you display to the audience should be relevant to the content they were watching initially. Keep the ad brief.

In-stream Ads Process

Let RJ Coder handle this task for you. Our experts will help your brand to grow online, create a brand reputation and bring quality leads to your website.
Get insights
Collect specific and useful information not only about the latest trend but also about where your brand or product fits. In this phase, we research and develop the plan to launch successful in-stream ads.
Content Creation
After researching, we create a banner and a video relevant to our product with a strong structured product profile. Make the beginning of your ad attractive.
Link Building
Now, it’s time for some action. The in-stream ads have been placed and the audience is forced to view the ad even if it lasts for 5-10 seconds.
Cost and Revenue
If the audience clicks on the ad, then you have to pay for the click. This way you get a customer and earn some revenue.
code optimization
You have to check the market on a daily basis. Analyse which keywords or phrases got you a lead or a sale, what product description was interesting, which ad got you the most revenue and other features.
code optimization
Upgrade and Maintenance
After Analysing, don’t forget to put your learnings into action. This will help you thrive. You have to build up your brand and maintain that reputation all the way.

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