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WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing Services

WhatsApp is a free mobile application that allows us to connect with people anywhere around the world. But the people we can connect to are only the ones with whom we share our contact details and have the application installed on their phones. On WhatsApp, we can chat, share pictures, videos and stickers and make audio and video calls too. All of these features are accessible when internet connectivity is available.
Therefore, WhatsApp marketing is a marketing strategy where we use WhatsApp as a platform to promote our brand, products and services. Through this app, we maintain our communication with the customers. This creates a trust bond between the provider and the receiver. Customer service also sees some improvement.

Why Should You Choose WhatsApp Marketing Services?

Some of the reasons for your business to make use of WhatsApp Marketing services are:
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • High user engagement
  • Communication can be personalised
  • WhatsApp Business App
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Diverse WhatsApp Marketing Services Offered By Us

There are various services offered by WhatsApp Marketing. Some of the main services that we provide are mentioned below.

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WhatsApp Business API
This application programs interface allows a business to receive and answer unlimited WhatsApp messages without any hassle.
WhatsApp Digital Marketing Services
WhatsApp marketing is a marketing strategy where we use WhatsApp as a platform to promote our brand, products and services.
Link Building
Bulk WhatsApp Message Service
It is a very effective way to connect with your existing customers and to strengthen their bonds.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing Services

WhatsApp is one of the most used mobile applications. Now, we not only use it for personal purposes but also for business purposes.
In-stream Ads
Global Reach
It helps to connect with your customers anywhere in the world.
Automate Marketing
You can make use of automated messages feature of WhatsApp to make the user experience more friendly.
Multimedia Support
You can send your customers attractive images or videos to promote your brand or to inform them of any upcoming events.
Office Hours
Affordable Marketing
WhatsApp marketing is cost-efficient marketing more than the other kind of marketing.

WhatsApp Marketing Process

How does the business work with WhatsApp Marketing service?
Here are the steps in which the business work with WhatsApp Marketing service.
When you are done setting up your business online or offline, you can create a business account on WhatsApp business.
Before you start promoting your business, generate a WhatsApp link or QR Code.
Link Building
You should connect with your existing customers by sharing with them information about your brand, product or services that interest them.
Promotional messages
Once you have created a connection with your customers, you can share promotional messages or notify them about upcoming events and offers.
code optimization
Guide prospects
When a customer has shown interest in your brand but has not yet purchased any item then you can remind them by sending WhatsApp Drip Campaign Messages. It is an automated message sent to a customer to remind them about the deal.
code optimization
Ask your customers to do a survey of the brand. You’ll get valuable feedbacks and encourage them for referrals.

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